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e‑Courier is a Canadian web-based service provider that puts a powerful and secure communication tool in your hands to send messages and files confidentially. e‑Courier has no backdoor. This prevents unauthorized access to valuable data stored on e-Courier servers. e‑Courier looks like email but has courier-like features not available in traditional email and file sharing services. The smart and overwhelmingly reliable e‑Courier system saves time and increases productivity. e‑Courier includes tracking delivery status of emails, the ability to delete file attachments after a specified expiry period and revoke emails sent in error. e‑Courier’s web-based architecture is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly. e‑Courier is 100% web-based. There is no software installation or app to download. Use it anywhere on any device. Subscribers can add unlimited guest accounts at no charge to the guest in order to achieve a higher degree of electronic privacy compliance and communication security.

The e‑Courier smart, secure email and file sharing service is designed for businesses to seamlessly and quickly protect and exchange confidential messages and files with clients, executives, stakeholders, shareholders and decision makers from anywhere and using any type of device. Save time by utilizing e‑Courier’s powerful delivery status tracking features and other innovative courier-like features not available in traditional email and file sharing services. The e‑Courier security paradigm has no backdoor which prevents unauthorized access to valuable data stored on the Canadian based e‑Courier servers. e‑Courier employs certified FIPS 140-2 open source cryptography libraries for greater protection and security of data.

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What our clients say

We can easily send information via e-mail, but in a very secure manner. They has taken it even further, by allowing us to see if, and when, our recipients have opened their e-mails and downloaded any attachments. It is easy to use, and is a very effective tool.
Jay Caldwell, IT Manager - CPA – BC
It is truly a miracle not to struggle with email file size and encryption of confidential information.
Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA - TaxDetective®
It is fantastic to be able to offer this service to my clients.
Hugh Woolley, CA - Lewis & Company

As CPAs we have a responsibility to keep our client’s information secure and private. This service allows us to do that very easily.

Don Goodison, CFP, FCGA - Kemp Harvey Goodison
My partner and I would whole heartedly recommend this to everyone that is concerned about protecting their clients’ information.
George Georgeopoulos, CGA, RPA - Georgeopoulos & Co.

It has made the difference with our customers in several instances by showing that we take their privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

Peter Kinch, AMP - Canadian Mortgage Team

I believe every mortgage broker has a responsibility to diligently protect their clients’ information and it does just that. This offers me an easy and cost effective way to securely exchange valuable information with my clients and it gives them peace of mind.

Dave Bruynesteyn, AMP – INVIS

Our customers really enjoy knowing they can send and receive documents in a secure fashion. It has really allowed us to continue with our philosophy of ensuring secure storage and transmission of client data.

Wayne Mah, AMP - The Mortgage Centre - City Wide

It allows me to provide one more level of security for my clients. It has been greatly appreciated by clients and it is one more way for me to protect their confidentiality.

Doris Bowman, AMP - Verico Nova Financial Services Inc.
It has enabled me to confidentially send financial information to our managers and shareholders. This service also fits well into the green policy of our company by reducing our use of paper.
Sharon Federal, Senior Vice President - Macdonald Realty

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The privacy and protection of your clients, employees and your business data are critically important to avoid costly data breaches and loss of your business reputation. Take advantage of e‑Courier’s innovative courier-like features to increase productivity and stay a step ahead. Get control over what information is available, for how long and to whom. With e‑Courier’s security paradigm there is no backdoor which ensures sensitive information stays private, confidential and secure. Start securely and confidentially exchanging messages and files today using e‑Courier’s Canadian-based service.

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