When cloud software providers claim their solution is secure, watch for these 9 red flags

by Eric Gold, CEO E-Courier

Costly data breaches are on the rise and the shift to remote work has created urgency for organizations to find secure software solutions to protect sensitive data. The challenge for organizations is that many cloud software providers solicit business by making marketing claims that their solutions are “secure” or use “encryption” – without accurately qualifying these broad statements.
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e-Courier puts powerful data encryption and innovative courier like features that increase your productivity into the hands of all its users

The e-Courier secure cloud based service is designed for professional organizations, small or large, to seamlessly exchange sensitive and confidential information externally with their clients and stakeholders. e-Courier provides secure email and file transfer without a backdoor, which includes innovative Courier like features that increase your productivity that are not available in traditional email and file sharing services.  By linking e-Courier to your organization’s website it can be implemented as a powerful client file and message portal.  It is so simple to use that it does not require any technical expertise, the only requirement for it to be deployed is a web browser.

Secure Cloud based solution evaluation matrix


  • e-Courier
  • Competitor file portals
  • Competitor file sharing
  • Cloud data is NOT STORED on Amazon, Google or Microsoft servers
  • Data stored on servers is NOT UNDER American legal jurisdiction
  • No backdoor to unlock data stored on their servers
  • Data is encrypted on servers
  • Encryption keys are encrypted
  • Guest users can initiate sending of standalone emails and or files

How e-Courier compares to competitor file portals and file sharing services.

  • e-Courier Cloud data is NOT STORED on Amazon, Google or Microsoft servers

  • Data stored on the e-Courier server(s) is NOT UNDER American legal jurisdiction

  • e-Courier has no backdoor to unlock data stored on their servers

  • e-Courier encrypts data stored on their servers

  • e-Courier encrypts encryption keys
  • e-Courier has the ability for guest users to initiate the sending of standalone emails and or files

A primary advantage of e-Courier is that it does not use the traditional email simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). SMTP email, by its very nature, is very insecure and has a very restrictive functionality that simply cannot be changed. A significant issue with traditional email is that it is extremely difficult to secure once it leaves the sender’s organization, especially with external recipients that use different email systems. Furthermore, organizations that attempt to encrypt an outbound email can typically, at best, only offer security one way, meaning that the organization can send an encrypted email but recipients outside the organization cannot easily initiate encrypted communication with the organization. Often these secure email solutions are limited to offering a “reply only” capability. This restriction creates a security hole and will result in exposing sensitive information because users outside their organization will revert to using non secure email.

Even worse, these types of secure email solutions inherit all the other limitations that email has such as rejecting large file attachments, lack of the ability to expire emails and file attachments, no ability to recall emails sent in error and cannot reliably track the delivery status of emails and their file attachments.

e-Courier provides advantages when comparing its overall usability and features to traditional file sharing and portal solutions. File sharing and portal solutions remain very folder and file-centric which provide marginal value both from a security, flexibility and context prospective. They also score poorly on security because they have back-doors and  typically do not provide the functionality to exchange standalone encrypted emails. Because of this, their users will revert to using non secure email to send sensitive information and risk exposing confidential information.

Client users of file sharing and portal solutions are placing files in folders that have limited or no control over who in an organization has access to the information. The client also has no control to establish a secure channel with a specific individual within in the organization and, as a result, will be reluctant to send or share sensitive information. These solutions also lack the flexibility for their subscribers to easily and quickly forward sensitive information to another party such as a banker. Instead they are limited to sharing file links which inevitably leads to exposing sensitive information because the message body of the email remains non encrypted.

e-Courier operates independent from a traditional email system and seamlessly solves the two way secure communication problem. e-Courier subscribers can create unlimited guest accounts free of charge, their guests can at any time initiate secure communication with an e-Courier subscriber while enjoying virtually symmetrical functionality.

e-Courier enables instant, confidential and secure communication in an easy to use interface and enhances productivity because of its courier-like feature. e-Courier enables the sharing of important files and messages, while controlling access to time sensitive information.

e-Courier is perfect for professional organizations that want to securely communicate with clients, stakeholders, shareholders, executives and decision makers which includes the following industries;

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Immigration
  • Investigation
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortgage
  • Any type of organization that exchanges sensitive information with their clients or stakeholders
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More benefits for guest account users

All guest users get virtually the same functionality as a subscriber free of charge. Guests can initiate secure communication at any time.

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More secure

Proudly a Canadian company, all of e Courier’s servers are owned by e-Courier and located within Canada and operate in highly secure data centres. Unlike the majority of other service providers, e-Courier does not have a backdoor to unlock encrypted data stored on our servers.

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Innovative courier-like functionality to enhance productivity

The e Courier tracking dashboard and audit logs provides instant feedback about the delivery status of files and messages.

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We can easily send information via e-mail, but in a very secure manner. They has taken it even further, by allowing us to see if, and when, our recipients have opened their e-mails and downloaded any attachments. It is easy to use, and is a very effective tool.
Jay Caldwell, IT Manager - CPA – BC
It is truly a miracle not to struggle with email file size and encryption of confidential information.
Eileen Reppenhagen, CGA - TaxDetective®
It is fantastic to be able to offer this service to my clients.
Hugh Woolley, CA - Lewis & Company
As CGAs we have a responsibility to keep our client’s information secure and private. This service allows us to do that very easily.
Don Goodison, CFP, FCGA - Kemp Harvey Goodison
My partner and I would whole heartedly recommend this to everyone that is concerned about protecting their clients' information.
George Georgeopoulos, CGA, RPA - Georgeopoulos & Co.
It has made the difference with our customers in several instances by showing that we take their privacy and confidentiality very seriously.
Peter Kinch, AMP - Canadian Mortgage Team
I believe every mortgage broker has a responsibility to diligently protect their clients’ information and it does just that. This offers me an easy and cost effective way to securely exchange valuable information with my clients and it gives them peace of mind.
Dave Bruynesteyn, AMP – INVIS
Our customers really enjoy knowing they can send and receive documents in a secure fashion. It has really allowed us to continue with our philosophy of ensuring secure storage and transmission of client data.
Wayne Mah, AMP - The Mortgage Centre - City Wide
It allows me to provide one more level of security for my clients. It has been greatly appreciated by clients and it is one more way for me to protect their confidentiality.
Doris Bowman, AMP - Verico Nova Financial Services Inc.
It has enabled me to confidentially send financial information to our managers and shareholders. This service also fits well into the green policy of our company by reducing our use of paper.
Sharon Federal, Senior Vice President - Macdonald Realty

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