Our story

e-Courier has long known that traditional email is very difficult to secure and data through the Internet remains vulnerable. The focus of e-Courier was to develop an extremely secure, powerful and easy to use cloud-based alternative to email and file transfer tool that requires no software or app to download and install. E-Courier was designed for business, executives, clients, stakeholders, shareholders and decision makers to send and receive emails and share information in a highly secure and private environment.

The primary goal of e-Courier is to protect and encrypt sensitive information while providing innovative and addictive features that are not available in traditional email and file sharing services. The objective at e-Courier is to enhance work productivity for subscribers and guest users of our service. The e-Courier enhanced productivity features translate to higher adoption of the e-Courier service which in turn helps achieve the goal of protecting sensitive information.

e-Courier began in 2004. The team behind the development and design of e-Courier are highly experienced, skilled and award-winning computer engineers who previously worked at the world class companies including MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (Aerospace) and Motorola (Telecommunications). The Chief Scientist at e-Courier graduated from MIT in Electrical Engineering and with a master’s degree in computer science from UBC and has authored / co-authored 11 USPTO patents.

e-Courier is wholly owned and operated by the Canadian Company Soft Trust Inc.

e-Courier’s CEO and Founder’s software development philosophy is to keep it simple Sam (KISS Principle) but provide subtle power, fast deployment and very good security for all our users. This means easy to use user interfaces that are not cluttered with icons and can easily be navigated. This has worked for our subscribers and we are confident it will work for you.

Need to know more?

Go ahead. Ask us a question. We are here to help you make the choice to become an e-Courier subscriber whether you are a small or large organization that is looking to utilize our secure service.

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