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Powerful e‑Courier advantages

See what is important right away

The e-Courier smart inbox and track tables display important, time-sensitive information, alerts, and the inbound delivery status of emails. Stop wasting time hunting through the inbox by using our pervasive Smart Search and Quick View features.

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Increase productivity by utilizing our email delivery status dashboard

  • Track the delivery status of sent and received emails.
  • Quickly check if the status of the email is unopened, opened, completed, returned or resent
  • Quickly check if all or some of the file attachments were downloaded

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Detailed email delivery status audit log

View the status and actions taken on email file attachments and messages with complete, up-to-the-minute audit trails.

  • See when the email was sent.
  • See each time the email was opened.
  • See each time a file attachment was downloaded.
  • See if the recipient(s) dismissed your email.
  • See if the email has been returned.
  • See if the email has been resent.
  • See if the email has been deleted.

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Smart search your inbox or track tables and stay in context

Keep communications in context. Use e-Courier Smart Search and Quick View features to simultaneously display a filtered set of emails that match key words and provides the ability to next or previous through the email set.

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Client secure deposit box

A secure deposit box allows your clients with or without an e-Courier account to send encrypted files and or messages via their desktop, mobile or tablet devices directly to a subscriber of the e-Courier service. The private and confidential secure deposit box link and form can be integrated into your website or placed within your email signature.

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Set email expiry periods to control access to file attachments

Send every confidential and securely encrypted email with the ability to set how long file attachments are available for before they are e-shredded from our servers. This expiry feature sets control of information to disable download of time sensitive information after a sender set expiry period. The original message remains accessible and continues to gather tracking information but file attachments are no longer able to be downloaded after the expiry period has elapsed.

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Revoke or recall emails sent in error

Seamlessly, revoke any email sent in error which deletes its entire contents from our servers.

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Fits in the palm of your hand

e-Courier is mobile and tablet friendly without the need to download and install software or an app.

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